Paxton Explains Internet Lawsuit Filed Against the White House

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed another lawsuit against the Obama Administration.

This time around it’s to keep an international organization to take control of the internet.

Paxton tells us the agency that handles all things internet has been overseen by the U-S Commerce Department but that agency’s contract to handle that task is about to run out.

Paxton says once that happens, the agency will become independent which means other nations will have the ability to interfere with what should be a free and open internet.

Paxton tells us not only could that be a risk to national security, it’s against the law. He says a move of this nature requires the involvement of Congress and since they’re not included, it’s a violation of law.

Paxton says the Executive branch of Government is to implement laws, not create them so the lawsuit is to stop the over reach.

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