Paxton Speaks

Remember Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton?

Embattled almost since the day he took office, Paxton is out with a new video statement just ahead of his lawyers heading to court in Dallas–hoping to have at least some of the criminal charges facing Paxton dismissed.

“Lately, you may have heard some of the attacks against me in news media outlets. I want you to hear directly from me, unfiltered by liberal reporters, spin doctors, and political opponents–these charges are false, and I will prevail against them in court” Paxton said, adding “I never imagined after being fairly elected by the people of Texas, I would wake up one day to find myself charged with crimes I did not commit.

Paxton, who was indicted by a Collin County grand jury in 2015, faces both State and Federal securities fraud charges. He insists it’s all politically-motivated.

“Some folks are still upset their moderate candidate didn’t win–and, there are those folks that are mad I’m a conservative Christian–and made no bones about it” Paxton said.



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