Paxton Sues D.C.–Again

Texas is suing Washington–again.

A new lawsuit filed by Attorney General Ken Paxton targets the Food and Drug Administration over the agency’s refusal to allow the State to get thiopental sodium–which is used in carrying out lethal injections.

The drug–which has already been purchased by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, has been ordered held by the FDA for 17-months. The FDA has said it is looking in to the “admissibility of the drug.”

“There are only two reasons why the FDA would take 17-months to make a final decision on Texas’ importation of thiopental sodium: gross incompetence or willful obstruction” Paxton said, adding “The FDA has an obligation to fulfill its responsibilities faithfully and in a timely manner. My office will not allow the FDA to sit on its hands and thereby impair Texas’ responsibility to carry out its law enforcement duties.”

The FDA has ben withholding the importation of the drug amid allegations it violates three provisions of new drug approval requirements. Paxton is hoping the new lawsuit will force the FDA to make a final decision.



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