Phone Scam Brings FBI Warning

A fairly typical phone scam–with a twist. That’s brought a warning from the FBI.

“In this case, they’re making it appear that it’s (the call) coming from one of the local offices out of the Dallas FBI… the Wichita Falls office” Special Agent Michelle Lee told KTSA News, describing how the scam works.

Once they get through, the scammers pose as FBI or IRS agents–then demand cash for student loans or back taxes.

“By making it appear that it’s coming from the government, the victims are more likely to believe they actually have to pay these monies” Lee said, adding the FBI simply doesn’t operate in that way.

“I’m not aware of the FBI ever collecting monies for anything–that’s just not a function that we perform, and we definitely would not do that by phone” Lee said.

There are reports some students attending the University of Texas in Austin have been targeted.

“It’s really a good idea just to hang up on them, not to get in to any discussion or debate with them” Lee said, urging anyone who gets such a call to report it to police.


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