Poll: Texans Mixed On Immigration

A new survey shows some very mixed feelings among Texans when it comes to immigration.

The 2017 Texas Lyceum Poll finds a majority of Texans do believe immigration is the number one issue facing the Lone Star State today. However, a nearly equal number said they oppose President Donald Trump’s plans for building a wall along the Southern Border.

When it comes to “sanctuary cities,” the numbers also reflect a mixed bag.

“49%… a plurality… oppose sanctuary cities. 45% in favor” said Texas Lyceum Research Director Joshua Blank.

When it comes to police interactions and immigration status checks, there’s also a mixed bag–to a point.

“43% said we should check immigration status during a routine traffic stop… 40% said we should check immigration status if you’re reporting a crime” Blank said.

Those mixed feeling however disappear when it comes to a person actually under arrest.

“There’s overwhelming agreement across the board that if someone’s arrested for a crime… their immigration status should be checked” Blank said.

Meanwhile, it seems Texans are content with the State continuing to pay for and conduct border security operations of its own.

“If the question going in was is there a political will to actually maybe to scale back some of this border security funding and take a vote on that… there’s not a lot of indication that Texans really wnt that, and especially Texas Republicans” Blank said.



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