Post-Vegas National Unity…Not Working Out As Expected

One more thing to get used to in the Age of Trump: bi-partisan kumbaya after a tragedy is not on the playlist.

Remember former “Jeopardy” champ Ken Jennings? He of the boyish charm and humility?

His 10/2 tweet: “Have you considered that your thoughts and prayers aren’t doing jack shit?”

Whereas his tweet made everyone feel better, I’m sure.

A school teacher calling herself Ann#TheResistance tweeted: “Lots of white trump supporters in Las Vegas at route 21 watching jason aldean. Pray only trumptards died! #prayforvegas” 

Hope no one reports her to Ken Jennings. Also, #capitalletters!

Another bleeding heart, BB19, twitted: “It’s country music so they must be trump supporters it’s karma for Puerto Rico” 


Lest you think these are outliers, you can find these by the 100s in the cesspool that is Twitterworld. A top CBS VP even got into the act, a lawyer no less, who posted that she was “not even sympathetic” about Las Vegas because “country music fans are often Republican gun toters”.

She was fired at least. More than we can say for Ann#The Resistance.

Also busy on Twitter Monday was California House Speaker Anthony Rendon, but his tweets were kind and rational.

Naw…just kidding.

Among his social media gems: “The police say the shooter acted alone. That’s not true. Every gun lobbyist and politicians who do their bidding were all in that room with him. We have to make this stop…”

Sounds like a crowded room.

Does he hold every CAIR member accountable for Muslim acts of terrorism? Guessing…not.

Would he say that everyone who opposes the travel ban is a terrorist?

Maybe if the massacre doesn’t unite us, our revulsion at Twitter will. I can dream!

I would consider praying for California, where they have more than their share of these moonbats.

But smart people like Ken Jennings know what prayer gets you.



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