Pot Activists Keeping Up Their Push

Pot supporters hope to see more reform in 2017.

It all started last legislative session: “What we came out with was the passage of the Compassionate Use Act, which is a very limited medical marijuana program,” Heather Fazio said.

Fazio is with Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, the group that’s mobilizing activists in an effort to train citizens to become better advocates for marijuana reform.

The push is going to continue with the next legislative session.

“We want to reduce penalties for low-level possession,” she said of the coming session. “We want it to be just a simple citation and a fee or a fine rather than the criminal penalties currently associated with low-level possession.”

And, this: “make the compassionate use program more inclusive for patients suffering from debilitating conditions like cancer or PTSD,” she said.

As for legalization, in general, it’s not the top priority, at least right now.

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