Pre-K Advocates Press TX Legislature

Advocates for children are urging the Texas Legislature not to turn its backs on quality pre-k programs as they craft a budget for the Lone Star State for the next two years.

“Number one… do not cut funding for quality pre-k” Stephanie Rubin with Texans Care for Children said during a news conference at the State Capitol in Austin Thursday Morning.

She also wants the Legislature to put more cash in to the program.

“Number two… invest in pre-k through the high-quality grant program established by the Legislature through HB 4 in 2015” Rubin said.

Others pointed to pre-k as the best means of getting kids off to the right start in life, making their case with studies that show kids who attend quality pre-k programs are much less likely to wind up in trouble as they grow older.

“They’re less likely to drop out of school… they’re less likely to become as teen parent” Charles Luke with Pastors for Texas Children said.

Among the advocates who gathered at the Capitol was retired Rear Admiral Jud Scott.

“We are deeply concerned… and, this may come as news to some of you… that over 70% of America’s youth are not eligible to join the military” Scott said, pointing to a number in Texas that is higher than the national average.



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