President Kennedy, I’m sorry for 2016

Somehow, in the Republican race between wealthy Donald Trump and young Sen. Ted Cruz, we find Democrat John F. Kennedy, who was wealthy and and a young senator.

Since he’s no longer with us, I’ll presume to speak for him, briefly.

Trump says he read in the National Enquirer (points for admitting he reads it, but…) a story implying an encounter between Lee Harvey Oswald and Rafael Cruz. Chronologically possible, but not likely, nor suggestive of anything. Hey, Richard Nixon was in Dallas the day before the assassination. Invited by Pepsi to give a speech. JFK liked drinking Pepsi. Hmmm.

Cruz gets testy and blurts out a sarcastic admission that, in fact, his father killed JFK. Meaning: He. Did. Not.

These are the two guys left out of 18 candidates?

President Kennedy deserves much, much better than this. He deserves to be left out of the 2016 race.

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