President Ready to Focus on N Korea During Asia Trip

By Don Morgan

President Trump is in Asia for meetings with several key leaders in an effort to establish stronger trade and diplomatic relationships.

We talked to Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston about the importance of the trip.

“The President’s trip to Asia has multiple facets. The first is diplomatic. The President needs to be able to rally allies to his side, especially when it comes to the controversial and complicated issues with respect to North Korea.”

Rottinghaus also talked about the trade basis of the mission. He says the President has to ensure allies that there is stil a market for U.S goods and that trade will be able to flow in both directions.

“A lot of people suggests the President is better at one to one negotiations. Having him in a room with several key leaders can certainly benefit the White House but…it can be a disadvantage is he says the wrong thing. He’s certainly walking a fine line.”

Rottinghaus says Trump’s lack of political experience can often show up in situations like this but his ability to close a deal is going to be a huge factor in the mission.


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