How President Trump Reminds Me of The Clintons’ Style


This is guaranteed to tee-off both sides from the 2016 presidential contest.

Donald Trump as president reminds me of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Hold on, let me explain. I’m not equating their conduct or wrongdoing, such as it may be. I definitely prefer Trump in the Oval Office to Mrs. Clinton. Every hour of every day.

But one of the most common complaints from Democrats and #NeverTrumpers about the 45th President is that he hardheadedly bulls along, never apologizing or admitting to error. His style:  he can never be wrong.

Well, that’s just how the Clintons have played the game all these years.

In a classic case of “eye of the beholder”, Trump is the orneriest, stubbornest guy the GOP has produced in a long time. He insists he is right, he never backs down, and runs over any D’s or R’s in his way.

To my eyes, that’s just how Bill and Hill escaped Arkansas, Whitewater, Monica, Haiti, Benghazi, the email server, Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, etc., etc. They are always right, always the victims, beset by disloyal D’s and idiot R’s.

Democrats who love the Clintons thrill to their narrow escapes. Rules are for little people.

Trump Nation is cheering their guy for whom “sorry seems to be the hardest word”.

Democrats will read this and say “how dare you compare?” Trumpers will howl that the Clintons belong in prison, not their guy.

Both squads will have missed my point.

This is an observation about political style.

It’s take no prisoners. Like it or not, it works.


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