Prez Fight Felt Throughout GOP

The ugly fight over the Republican Presidential nomination continues to filter down through the GOP.

“Can we push through it? Is the damage such that we’re going to lose the Presidency? I hope not” Texas Republican National Committeeman Candidate Rick Figueroa told KTSA News, adding “I’m going to fight hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Amid all the talk of a brokered convention in Cleveland–and a name not in the spotlight stepping up to become the GOP Nominee–Figueroa is sounding a cautious tone.

“I believe we should follow rules. In absence of order, chaos ensues” Figueroa said.

He’s convinced the Nominee will end up being either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

“Is it possible (someone other than Trump or Cruz could be the Nominee)? I think anything is possible–but, I think you are invalidating a lot of people if that does happen” Figueroa said.

While Figueroa does believe all of the nastiness can be washed away, he said the GOP needs to be careful as it moves forward.

“I’m looking at this for ten years down the road–and, ten years down the road, we better have our eye on the ball. The messenger is going to be just as important–if not more important than the message” Figueroa said.


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