The Prince you never knew

A lot has been said about the late, great Prince. His prodigious musical legacy. The fertile Paisley Park launchpad for so much talent.

One thing I don’t bother with is all the heavy breathing over “how” he died. You know what? It was none of my business while he was alive, and it’s none of my business now. If he hurt himself, or was hurting, I’m sorry. Did he hurt someone else or take or endanger their life? Not that I know of.

He made my life better with his artistry. It was worth every penny I dropped in record stores, movie theatres and at iTunes.

I’ve heard whispers over the years that he was intensely, quietly philanthropic. Now we know he was.

So maybe we can move on from “how he died”, which helps no one. And be grateful for how he lived. Which helped many.



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