Profiles That Discourage

New book coming out called “The Confessions of Congressman X”.

First of all, where’s the gender-inclusive language here?? Damn bigots.

The publisher claims an actual pol wrote it (which means a pol with a ghost writer) and wants to be anonymous for “fear of retribution”, but may be a Democratic incumbent. We learn:

“I seldom read any bills I vote on…my staff tells me whether to vote yea or nay.”

All voters really want is “cutesy cat videos, celebrity gossip, and the next f***ing Twitter message.”

“I promise my constituents a lot of stuff I can never deliver. But what the hell? If it makes them happy…”

“I’m for having everything, just like my constituents.”

“Screw the next generation…nobody give’s a rat’s ass about the future and who’s going to pay for all this stuff…”

Confirm what you already thought? Surprised? It’ll be available May 23,



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