Push for “David’s Law” Grows

One year has now passed since the tragic death of David Molak–and the push for a “David’s Law” in Texas only seems to be getting stronger.

“We’ve done other things to protect our children, why would we not do this?” State Senator Jose Menendez told KTSA News when asked where things stand with his bill–which is designed to protect kids from cyber bullies lurking online.

The Senator said there’s simply no place for many of these children to go to escape the torment of those who are bullying them.

“Many of the schools are asking students to do their papers on a cloud-based platform. They write their papers… what are they going to do when they’re doing their homework, and the crazy messages pop up?” Menendez asked.

Menendez knows his bill will face some tough questions–and some opposition.

“My push is going to be to try to get out in front of any type of controversial legislation” Menendez said, acknowledging those bills typically take a lot of time–in what is a very limited Legislative Session that takes place every two years in the Lone Star State.

He’s also willing to share the credit for getting something done–as long as something does get done.

“I don’t care whose name is on the bill… as long as we get something done for our children… I’ll feel good about that” Menendez said.

In the Texas House, the push for “David’s Law” is being led by State Representative Ina Minjarez.

“I think about what could have been… what he could have contributed once he got older” Minjarez told KTSA News, adding she can sense the bill inspired by Molak doesn’t seem to be a partisan one in the House.

“Both Republican and Democratic Representatives in the House are been very supportive. They have indicated that they want to jump on board” Minjarez said–though quickly adding she’s not taking anything for granted.



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