Push to Repeal “Sanctuary Cities” Law During Special Session

By Bill O’Neil

It’s not among the items on the calendar for the just underway special session of the Texas Legislature–but critics of the State’s so-called “Sanctuary Cities” law are hoping to resume the debate over the next month.

State Representative Rafael Anchia knows the big topic of conversation over the next several weeks will be the discussion surrounding the “Bathroom Bill.”

“But, we must look at these things cumulatively. We must look at the six findings of intentional discrimination against the State of Texas by three federal courts across the State” Anchia said, adding “You can not look at them (the Sanctuary Cities law and Bathroom Bill debate) in isolation. You must look at them in their totality–because that’s how business looks at them.”

Anchia and others are hoping the Legislature might quickly repeal the “Sanctuary Cities” law during the special session. San Antonio Democratic Senator Jose Menendez has filed a bill calling for a repeal.

“SB 4 ids a poorly veiled act of discrimination against people of color that erodes the trust between law enforcement and the community” Menendez said, calling his proposal the last chance to repeal a law that will cause “catastrophic effects” on people’s lives.

“It (Menendez’s proposal) will allow police officers to do their job to serve and protect , and not be burdened with racial profiling or having to enforce federal immigration law” Menendez added.

“We can not ignore the fact that there are many undocumented people who are here working at jobs that would be unfilled otherwise” said Bob Cartwright with the Texas Associatio9n of Business.

He’s convinced the law–which officially goes on the books in the next several weeks–has already begun to take a toll on the Lone Star State.

“People will seek work in other states that are more welcoming” Cartwright added.

Anchia is also convinced Sanctuary Cities” and the “bathroom Bill” discussion will cause more damage than good.

“The Texas brand has already been dinged ladies and gentlemen… We are no longer number one in job creation. We’re no longer number on in economy. Governance Magazine has ranked us 21st” Anchia said.



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