Question: How Politically “Out” Are You?

Opinions are like you-know-what. Everyone has one. 

But we usually keep you-know-what covered up. Not so with opinions.

Have you ever had an experience like Kayla Hart of Dilworth, NC? She wore a Trump shirt to her local Starbucks and received some barista mockery.

Barista mockery…ask YOUR doctor.

How “out”—or extroverted—are you with your political leanings? Wearing your MAGA red cap? Or your “I’m With Her” t-shirt? Are there “right” and “wrong” times and places, or anyday, all-day?

Do you get different treatment or service from businesses? Do people want to argue?

Or are you a stealth voter, the dread of pollsters everywhere?

We’ll talk about it on Friday’s show 9 A.M.-1 P.M. CST on 550/107.1 KTSA and

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