Questions, Support for Vista Ridge Change

Majority equity and control of the Vista Ridge project has shifted hands, from Abengoa to Garney.

Councilman Ron Nirenberg called it good news.

“Well I’m pleased that Abengoa which has long caused me concerns seems to be out of the drivers seat with this project,” he told KTSA News.

He said it’s important for the City Council to learn all the details of this shift.

“Learn the details of the new partnership, verify that the new partner has strong financials, and that the contract continues to shield ratepayers from risks,” he said.

Diana Lopez, a member of Mi Agua Mi Vida, said the shift was sudden.

“But we knew something was happening with the project and we’re wary of the negotiations that are happening between the SAWS board,” she said.

Nirenberg wants SAWS to deliver those details to the full Council.

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