Is this racist? – North Carolina Students for Trump build a wall as a prank

Latino students at a western North Carolina high school are upset after some of their classmates decided to build a wall made of boxes that blocked access to a common area as part of a senior prank.

According to News 13, about 30 students were allowed into school Wednesday night to perform the prank with a teacher supervising them. They then shared a photo on Instagram with them standing in front of it.

“We built the wall first,” the photo was captioned.

A student sitting front and center of the photo is wearing a “Trump” T-shirt.

According to school Principal Edwin Spivey, one of the students wanted to a put a Donald Trump logo on the wall, but was told he couldn’t do that.

The wall was taken down before classes began on Thursday, however, two Latino students met with the principal on Friday to talk about their concerns over the wall, the photo and what they said were racist comments that followed, News 13 reported.




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