Raids Target Gang in Seguin

The largest series of coordinated arrests Seguin has ever seen.

That’s how police in that community are describing at least nine early morning raids–which have put somewhere around twenty members of the Mexican Mafia behind bars.

“it was very positive results at each and every location” said Deputy Seguin Police Chief Bruce Ure, who said some of the raids were also carried out in Houston, San Antonio, and New Braunfels, with some help from State and Federal authorities.

The investigation spanned 18-months.

As of 11 AM Friday, Ure said they still didn’t have an exact count on all of the cash that had also been seized as part of the operation.

“There’s a significant amount. We’re unable to count it by hand, so, we’re going to have to use machines to count it” Ure said.

He also said the raids should take a toll on the gang.

“We do believe this is going to cause an incredibly serious interruption in the Mexican Mafia in this region” Ure said.


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