Random Thoughts and 20 Blockbuster Hits!

I wonder if Tim Kaine and Mike Pence call each other, just to relieve the loneliness.

Pence quips: “If Donald Trump is losing, they’ll have to build new stadiums for the crowds when he’s winning”.

Those Hillary health rumors? No one thinks about them more than Kaine.

Except maybe Huma.

I love the story about how some North Richland Hills Home Depot employees built a special walker for a two-year old boy with special needs, for whom regular walkers are just too big. It’s a beautiful, generous, uplifting tale.

At my Home Depot, I can never find an employee when I need one. I hope it’s because they’re doing something cool like that.

Every few months, some news outlet runs a story about parents have wildly inflated expectations that their student athlete will one day go pro. Twenty-six percent of parents in a recent survey have that hope. Among families with incomes under $50K, it’s 39%

Actual numbers: one out of every 168 HS baseball players will get drafted by MLB. One out of 2,451 hoop players will get the call from the NBA.

I wonder if the kids share the parents’ expectations, or just go along with it because they love to play. I hope it’s the latter. Even when I was hitting monster Wiffle Ball homers into the upper deck in my backyard, I no more expected to play for the Red Sox than I expected to marry Olivia Newton-John.

Which is to say, not at all. No one told me not to dream, but no one fed me false expectations, either.

Olivia, if you’re reading this, I’ve only given up on playing for the Sox.

Bonus item: when we were kids, this was our Pandora or Spotify:



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