Random Thoughts on DNC Night #1

I love it when politicians give speeches brimming over with ersatz anger on my behalf. As if they lived under the laws, rules and conditions they set for us. It’s like watching kids play dress-up in front of a mirror.

The sycophantic applause of political conventions is like moonshine to the problem drinkers of politics.

The representatives of a government that borrows a million dollars a minute and has run up $19T in debt are promising to “end” income inequality. If they talk enough about other people’s acquisitions, we might not notice theirs.

Cory Booker likes to hear himself shout.

Michelle Obama delivered a beautiful, well-written speech, largely about her children. I don’t agree with her husband on much, but he made a good choice in marrying her.

Elizabeth Warren is the single most inauthentic politician I’ve seen come along in a while, and that’s a stiff competition in both parties. What she lacks in sincerity she makes up for in stridency.

The storm, or if you prefer, God’s mercy, struck down my cable and internet for most of the Bernie Sanders speech. When it went out, Bernie was rehashing the speech he gave this afternoon outside the convention. When the power briefly came back on, he was explaining why Hillary Clinton’s the one we’ve always needed. So I missed a lot. A lot. Then it went out again and I decided it was a sign that I could take the rest of the night off.

If you had to miss, electronically or otherwise, two weeks out of the year, this week and last would be the two. You’d be just fine.



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