Random thoughts, RNC Day 2

Cleveland is a nice-looking city with a great personality that somehow got a bad reputation a long time ago. Or maybe it’s just that when you hear “Cleveland”, your expectations are so low that even average stuff seems incredible. Other cities might consider this strategy.

Sign you see as you enter the press area with arrows for things like “elevators”, “restrooms”, “shuttles” and “media feeding”. Media feeding?! Hope some little kid doesn’t fall in.

“Would you like a Congressman?” is a frequently asked question by people running around with clipboards. They mean for interviews, but answering yes to that question sounds like it might be illegal.

I think I rate at least a Senator anyway.

The Republican Party broke into my hotel room yesterday while I was working. They left a tote bag with Cleveland tourism stuff. And hidden microphones, I would think.

Looking forward to Donald Trump’s speech Thursday, with lines borrowed from Grover Cleveland’s 1892 talk.

We had a cab driver yesterday who knew history and trivia about Cleveland. A lot of it. A lot. I was glad when we reached the highway ramp, because there wasn’t a hidden history behind it.

A lot of you are asking about restaurants and nightlife. It’s as if you think I’m not really here for work. What do you think, we’re going to Make America Great Again only from 9 to 5?

If the sight-impaired singer from last night, Marlana van Hoose, did not move you with her Anthem rendition, you have no soul.

I keep an empty chair next to me at our broadcast desk to honor the memory of Jeb! Bush.

New Mexico’s delegation has a woman who could pass at 20 yards for Selena Gomez.

Isn’t it impressive that I would even know who Selena Gomez is?




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