Random Thoughts From the Thirteenth of March

They said if we elected Trump, it would trigger a new arms race. They were right.

Here’s a story that nearly half of men don’t think they’re big enough down there.

No, not there. There. Yeah, I’m plenty big enough otherwise, thanks.

So, you can now have an Autologous Liposite Micronized Injection. You can, because I’m just having coffee, thanks.

Translation: A fat transfer to your private part. Just moving some funds. Rearranging the furniture. 

The concern is a “private parts arms race” where so many men are having this procedure that “‘normal’ starts to seem smaller than everyone else”.  And here we were, worried about Russia!

Couldn’t we just buy age-inappropriate cars instead?

Here’s a story that says the newest thing in medicine is…housecalls.

Wow, here comes the 20th century!

New smartphone app called Heal is like Uber for doctors. I like it. You summon a same-day housevisit.

When I was a kid, our pediatrician still made housecalls. My mom summoned him with a bakelite phone and a 1964 Buick.

I wonder if the doctors on Heal take Uber to get there. 

Anyway, you might not need a doctor if you just have a kid or two. No, don’t summon them with a smartphone.

But a new study says you live a longer, healthier life if you’re a parent. It can add to your life expectancy, especially for dads. So, it turns out you only think they’re killing you.

Finally, a UK study says we think we’re nicer than we actually are. In a recent experiment, 98% of Brits put themselves in the “nicest” category. It’s much lower.

Also, being content in your life seems to coincide with being nicer.

I’m no expert, but I always thought “niceness” had more to do with humility.

When life knocks you down, or gives you hardship, you can see more clearly the struggles of others, because you see yourself in them. Life as a teacher.

Duress—>Humility—>Nicer person.





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