Rape Legalization Group Cancels Rally

A Saturday Night rally at the Alamo– by a group promoting the legalization of rape has been cancelled.

State Representative Diego Bernal–whose District includes the “Shrine of Texas Liberty”–told KTSA News he can’t believe such a group even exists.

“Second of all, they’re absolutely not welcome in our State, in our City, at the Alamo” Bernal said, adding “There’s no venue that’s an appropriate venue for this.”

A one-time City Councilman who represented Downtown San Antonio, Bernal said the message being spread by the group Return of Kings” may go beyond the wide boundaries of the First Amendment.

“I’d actually encourage local and state law enforcement and legal authorities to research whether or not what they are calling for falls under one of the exceptions tot he First Amendment” Bernal said, quickly pointing out his long-standing support for free speech.

“I think it’s one of the things that make this country great–but, given the heinous nature of the crime they’re asking to essentially be legalized–I’m not sure that it qualifies. If it does, I accept that–but, if it doesn’t–we have another conversation” Bernal said.

One of the posts by the group called “Return of the Kings” states that the violent taking of a woman should not be punishable by law when done off public grounds.

“Return of Kings” has cancelled all rallies scheduled, including the one in San Antonio and other Texas cities.

The group cited widespread criticism and threats on social media.

In a statement, Governor Greg Abbott said the “pathetic” group and their “disgusting viewpoints” are not welcome in Texas.


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