Rather: Prez Race Will Tighten

It’s not over yet-despite what the polls continue to say.

So says the veteran newsman who has seen just about everything you can see in a presidential race.

“Doing things that in any other presidential election year that would have eliminated a candidate going forward hasn’t happened this year” Dan Rather told KTSA News, describing both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as flawed candidates.

While the polls tell a story that favors the Democratic Nominee, Rather said it’s way too early, using a “Ratherism” to explain.

“If you had to be the trailer money right now… you would bet Hillary Clinton wins. However, there’s a very long ways to go” Rather said, adding “My guess is that the polls are going to begin tightening up. However, that will only happen if Candidate Donald Trump begins to control his emotional outbursts.”

In fact, Rather said no one should underestimate the fact Trump has tapped in to what is a real sense of anger among many American voters these days–pointing to the Republican Nominee’s positions on immigration, crime, and fears over the globalization of the economy.

“Those three things give him strength–and, give him enough strength to stay in the race, despite some of these things that strike so many people as outrageous” Rather said.

Whatever the results eventually are, Rather said it’s easy to see the political landscape changing in the United States.

“In Presidential Campaign 2020–you’re very likely to see a high profile, very viable third party” Rather said.



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