I Really Need To Thank The Take-A-Knee NFL Players


I’m not mad at them. I’m grateful. Let me explain.

The anthem protests were always more incoherent and ineffective to me, rather than offensive. That too, of course.

But when it came time to watch a game one Sunday a few weeks ago, I just…didn’t. Not “I’m going to boycott”—that’s a bit too dramatic. More like “I think I’ll pass”.

The way I figured it: I like college football. A lot. Much more than the pro game. The games are free-wheeling, seem less-officiated, and anything can happen. Players and programs go for it on every down. There’s no playing it safe. Fresh-faced exuberance. Watch any game, in any conference, and you’ll see something or someone amazing. Often, someone you never heard of, and may never hear of again.

So, Saturday’s my football day now. An afternoon game or two. Maybe a Pac-12 late nighter (I’m so glad for those 9:30 starts). In between and even during college football games Saturday, I can get stuff done.

That leaves Sunday.

I’m liking these Sundays. I don’t miss the overpaid divas, the lopsided and sometimes meaningless matchups and the phoniness.

Maybe I’m slow, because it took me a few weeks to realize that the player protests had made-over my weekends.

This past Sunday, my daughter and I did all kinds of things together, Halloween decorating, laughing, talking. We even had an out-of-the-blue talk about heaven (!). Sorry, but the Cowboys, Texans and Patriots can’t compete with that.

It always felt selfish to try to watch some college ball Saturday and NFL on Sunday. Maybe it was.

Now, I get better football on Saturday, and things far better than football on Sunday.



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