This Is The Reason Judge Gorsuch MUST Be Confirmed To The Supreme Court

Our country is locked in an ideological social civil war.

In times past, our forefathers would argue over differing points of view, but in most instances they would find ways to peaceably coexist with each other.

Not anymore.

Today’s attitude is one of winner take all, and the loser is vanquished.

Even our government has been involved in choosing winners, and crushing foes, (ref the Christian bakers whom Obama sued and fined for NOT baking a cake).

Unless kept in check by the rule of law, politicians will run over and destroy their opponents.

That is why Constitutional originalism is vital. That is why Judge Neil Gorsuch must be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Judge Gorsuch believes in the rule of law as it is discovered in the original intent of the framers of the Constitution.

This issue was on full display during his confirmation hearings this week when CA Senator and far leftest Democrat Dianne Feinstein said, “Judge Gorsuch has also stated that he believes judges should look to the original public meaning of the Constitution when they decide what a provision of the Constitution means…but I find this originalist judicial philosophy to be really troubling … I firmly believe the American Constitution is a living document, intended to evolve as our country evolves.”

No No No and NO.

Our Founders brilliantly designed the separation of powers in three independent branches of government. 2 of which are by nature highly political. The 3rd is to be outside of politics so it may independently rule on matters of philosophical difference without political preference or prejudice.

The members of the Supreme Court are to determine the original intent of the Constitution and apply it to matters of today. Never are they to change the meaning of the Constitution to fit the political whims of current politicians.

If the members of the Supreme Court were to behave in that manner they would be nothing more than another political body.

Politicians come and go. The Constitution must never bend to the temporary prevailing political climate.

The Constitution as originally intended is to reign supreme over all else.

Judge Gorsuch believes this. Dianne Feinstein and her leftest cohorts do not.

He is right. She is wrong.

We need more men and women like Judge Gorsuch on courts all across our land, and fewer Dianne Feinsteins.





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