Refugee Screening Bill Falters

The plan calling for tighter screening of refugees from Syria and Iraq before they could enter the United States appears to be dead.

The measure did not get enough support in the U.S. Senate Wednesday to be pushed ahead for a final vote next week–despite a push from top Republicans–including Texas Senator John Cornyn.

“All we’re asking for–and all this legislation provides for–passed by a bi-partisan vote of the House of Representatives–is to enhance the screening of refugees” said the Senate’s Number Two Republican ahead of the vote–rejecting the notion the bill showed a hatred for those refugees.

“That’s not true… that’s the opposite of true” Cornyn said on the Senate Floor, adding “This legislation doesn’t close the door on refugees, or go back on America’s great traditions–and who we are as a people.”

“All we’re trying to do… and it’s not a small thing, it is our number one responsibility as part of the federal government–is protect our national security” Cornyn said.

President Barack Obama had threatened a veto is the measure would have made it to his desk.


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