How to Reign in College Costs in TX?

Something has to change.

The word from Lieutenant-Governor Dan Patrick, challenging the Texas Legislature and State colleges and universities to begin reigning in skyrocketing tuition costs.

“We are pricing the average family out of a college education in the State of Texas… and, we are saddling students and families with tremendous debt” Patrick said during a news conference Tuesday Morning.

The Lieutenant-Governor said the Legislature tried to do it’s part last session.

“We passed a budget that increased funding to higher ed… to keep up with enrollment growth and other issues that were requested” Patrick said, pointing to what he described as a runaway increase in the costs of a college education over the last decade or so.

“Since 2003, tuition and fees have risen 147%–median household income… 32%” Patrick said, growing especially frustrated over ever-more quickly rising school management and administrative costs.

Senate Higher Education Committee Chairman Kel Seliger said a college degree is still a worthwhile pursuit–but he also said too many students and families are simply being priced out of getting one these days.

“Our job is to take a State with 25-million people–and provide a college education for as many of those people as we can” Seliger said, agreeing with the need for change.

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