Rep Pushing to End Time Change in Texas

Tired of “falling back” and “springing forward?”

Count State Representative Dan Flynn among your ranks–and he’s again leading a push in the Legislature to bring to an end the twice yearly time changes in Texas.

“I had more people contact me about daylight savings time than anything that I’ve ever done in the Texas House” Flynn told KTSA News, pointing to the tens of thousands of signatures he’s already seen collected on at least two separate petitions.

Flynn, who led a similar push in the last Legislative Session, said the evidence for bringing the practice to an end speaks for itself.

“There is significant information out there that says there are more traffic accidents during those two weeks following the change of the time. There’s even a health issue… that some people say there are more heart attacks because of the stress that’s involved in it” Flynn said.

The Northeast Texas Republican also points to the many of us–including some big businesses–who aren’t found of the time changing practice.

“The airline industry doesn’t like it because it interrupts their routine. The utility industry doesn’t like it because it interrupts their routine” Flynn said, pointing to a couple of industries in particular.

The State Rep also disagrees with the idea changing the clocks is needed in order for farmers and ranchers to succeed.

“Cows get up when the sun comes up, and they go down when the sun goes down… they don’t know what time it is” Flynn said.

So what is Flynn trying to accomplish? He knows change won’t come overnight–or in one bold stroke. He’s hoping the Legislature might vote on a Resolution.

“Or, we may even try to put it on the ballot to see if really there is that much support in the State of Texas as a referendum… or something like that” Flynn said.


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