Rep. Smith: Speaker Should File Brief

Congressman Lamar Smith said the House Speaker should be allowed to file an amicus brief to the Supreme Court.

The brief would support the Texas-led challenge to the President’s Executive Actions on Immigration.

“It is critical that the House of Representatives defend the Constitution, which specifically gives Congress, not the president, the power to enact immigration laws,” Smith said. “Regrettably, the President’s policies have ignored laws, undermined laws, and changed immigration laws.”

Smith said it’s up to Congress to enact immigration laws, not the President.

“The President’s policies have led to a surge of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants across our borders, allowed unlawful immigrants to compete with unemployed Americans for scarce jobs, and established sanctuary cities that release dangerous criminal immigrants into our neighborhoods, where many go on to commit other crimes.” he said.

He thinks the House must reinforce the rule of law.



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