Report: Mixed Results on S.A. Quality of Life

A newly released report on quality of life shows some positive signs for the Alamo City–and suggests a few areas that could stand to see some improvement.

On the plus side–San Antonio gets high marks from the de Beaumont Foundation when it comes to clean indoor air.

“Indoor air quality–which is ordinances that deal with tobacco… so you don’t get exposed to second-hand smoke in your workplace or a restaurant or bar. San Antonio is out in front on that one” President and CEO Ed Hunter told KTSA News.

San Antonio also rates strong when it comes to Pre-K.

On the “needs improvement” side: keeping kids from getting their hands on alcohol.

“You think of alcohol as a health issue… but, it’s really a public safety issue as well” Hunter said, adding too many kids in the Alamo City are also getting hold of tobacco too easily.

“Tobacco 21 is a policy that many cities across the U.S are starting to look to… and states as well… where it really helps keep younger kids from starting smoking” Hunter said.

In the end, the goal of the report’s authors is to help cities make changes for the better.

“Our goal is to really have people living across the U.S. in cities where they’re implementing the preponderance of these policies” Hunter said.



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