Report: TX Middle Class Shrinking

A new report from the Center for Public Policy Priorities shows the middle class in Texas continues to shrink.

The problem: middle wage jobs have been declining for decades.

“Higher wage jobs are growing, which is good news, however, we are finding that lower wage jobs are growing twice as fast as higher wage jobs,” CPPP’s Garrett Groves told KTSA News. “So, those are concerning trends.”

A middle wage job was defined as a job paying $11.20 an hour.

“As an overall share of the economy, these jobs are declining,” he said. “There are many many jobs in the middle of our economy, it’s still a large portion of our economy.”

But he said “it’s the trend and overall decline relative to high and low wage jobs that’s concerning.”

Groves said state level agencies can help, “to get a higher wage job, all individuals need to be getting access to education beyond high school.”

And a focus on workforce training partnerships help too.

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