Ride Share’s Future in S.A.?

Should the rideshare program continue or not?

The City of San Antonio’s rideshare pilot program runs out in July. We’ll soon find out if the city extends the program or makes it permanent, but the reviews of that program are good.

“The vast majority of the public in San Antonio has demanded more transportation options and rideshare is a good one,” Councilman Ron Nirenberg told KTSA News.

Councilman Mike Gallagher is happy with it too, but says security remains a concern.

“And I’m just very concerned that there are people who can work their way around the system and I don’t want that to happen,” Gallagher said.

Nirenberg wants to extend the compromise to keep rideshare in San Antonio, but prefers additional regulatory relief to continue to encourage innovation and even more transportation options.

Gallagher also wants to extend the compromise, but hopes it can become more user friendly.

“We have come up with a compromise that is working, so we will have to extend it,” Gallagher said.

Much of the discussion about rideshare leading up to it’s departure and subsequent return here centered around public safety concerns.

“For all the sound and fury about public safety in the rideshare debate, the vast majority of the ridesharing public has not distinguished between drivers who have the fingerprints and drivers who don’t,” Nirenberg said.

He said the public safety issue the city really needs to worry about is safety on the roadways regarding drunk drivers and dangerous streets, in general.



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