In The “Ring”: I’m More Blart Than Brady


When it comes to physical toughness, I’m in the “Paul Blart-Mall Cop” school. Played by Kevin James, he tells his family “I fell asleep raking leaves”.

So, I just have to be honest. If I had 10 stitches in my hand, I would need help lowering myself onto the sofa, where I would stay until KTSA told me there were no more comp days.

Then I would come in and do a four hour show about how much freakin’ pain I was in.

What I would not do: throw for almost 300 yards and two touchdowns against one of the top defenses in the NFL.

Not now, and not when I was 40.

If you are 40 today, Brady is making your game look weak. No wonder people hate him.

New England 24, Jacksonville 20, in the AFC Conference Title game Sunday.

Tom Brady postgame: “I was not going to let my season end on a hand-off. In practice”.

You know who’s relieved right now? Tom’s practice-mate, Rex Burkhead, who accidentally gashed open the Tom Thumb. What if the Pats lost? What if Brady didn’t play and they lost behind…Brian Hoyer?

Can you say “Bill Buckner”? Even now, Rex might want to order-in for a couple weeks.

So, at the age many guys are reaching for Rogaine or Advil, Brady reaches for his sixth ring.

He almost has it sewn up.





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