Road Renaming “Waiting Period” Approved

By Bill O’Neil

A controversial “waiting period” on the renaming of already renamed San Antonio streets gets a “yes” from City Council.

The move comes despite complaints from critics who remain upset about the recent name change for Old Highway 90 to Enrique Barrera Parkway. They have been battling to get the name changed back.

“In this case, it’s old Highway 90–but it could be something else” one woman said.

“It is important to a lot of people” another man said adding, you don’t have to live around that area… we know about those things.”

Many of the critics voiced their frustration at Councilman Ray Lopez, who led the effort to rename Old Highway 90–and the push for the five-year waiting period on renaming already renamed streets.

“I know the folks that are not in support of it look at is as me trying to instill some sort of iron fist over the process–and indeed… that’s not the case at all” Lopez said, adding his belief there has to be some order to the process.

“The rigor that they have to go through to get something changed… it should be difficult, and it should have guidelines around it” Lopez said.

In voicing his support for the waiting period, Councilman Mike Gallagher pointed out the ordinance does leave room for the renaming process to begin again before five years has passed–under certain circumstances.

“That could occur if a Council Member could step forward, go through that difficult process… but make it happen” Gallagher said.


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