He Runs Like A Girl

I’m not surprised it happened, only that it happened so soon.

An Alaskan high school senior, born as a boy, but “identifying” as a girl, competed in the girls’ state championship track meet the other day, and did…very well. Third in the 200M. Fifth in the 100M.

Even more remarkably, Nattaphon “Ice” Wangyot, who emigrated from Thailand in 2014, had only just started playing sports in his/her senior year. Easily made the girls’ volleyball, girls’ basketball and girls’ track team.

Sorry, field hockey. You’re on your own.

The girls Nattaphon beat out struggled mightily to be gracious, but couldn’t help but question the fairness. It’s almost like men and women are not the same, or something.

Get this: the official in charge of the competition admitted to KTVA-TV that he decided to let “Ice” compete with girls to avoid “deal(ing) with committees and all that stuff”. So much for those scholarships the girls were competing for.

It’s still a man’s world.


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