S.A. Air Quality and a New President

With a new administration taking over, San Antonio faces some uncertainty surrounding EPA Air Quality Standards.

Currently, the city is considered in attainment of 2008 standards, but “there is a 2015 standard that we are not in attainment of, but the official designations have not occurred yet,” Jeff Coyle said.

And because of that, the city is still within air quality standards today.

A transition to a new President and a new head of the EPA could mean a few things.

“They could go ahead with the new stricter standard and we would be in non-attainment next year, they could roll that back and go with the older standard, they could reduce the timeline on it to slow it down,” he said.

So, for now, the city doesn’t really know what to expect.

“With the change in administration, the change of leadership at EPA, it being tied up in the courts right now, we really don’t know what the outcome will be,” Coyle said.


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