Why Are S.A. Conservatives Backing Medina?

A local tea party activist who endorsed the Bexar County Democratic Party chair in the mayor’s race is changing his tune, sort of.

George Rodriguez said,” I stood publicly beside (Manuel) Medina. I found him to be a very sincere person.”

During an interview on the Trey Ware Morning Show, Rodriguez also said he supports Republican Keven Roles.

When pressed on who he would vote for, Medina or Roles, Rodriguez chose Roles.

Medina once referred to the Tea Party as “radical terrorists,” but that’s not stopping former San Antonio City Councilman Carlton Soules from backing him. The Republican not only supports Medina, he’s working on his campaign for mayor.

“People say a lot of heated things, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to come together and get things done.”

Of the 14 candidates in the mayor’s race, Soules believes the three front runners are Mayor Ivy Taylor, Ron Nirenberg and Manuel Medina.

“Who’s the most fiscally conservative, who’s the Democrat that is aligned on the issues that I care about and have been working on for a long, long time? Of those three, Manuel was clearly the one,” said Soules.

Jeff Judson with the Heartland Institute also backs Medina, who’s against the $3.4 billion Vista Ridge water pipeline project. Medina’s also opposed to the $850 million city bond issue on the May ballot and he doesn’t believe taxpayers should fund light rail.

“I’m tired of fighting light rail,” said Judson. “No light rail, no toll lanes, no HOV lanes,” Judson told Trey Ware.

Judson doesn’t live in San Antonio, so he can’t vote for Medina in the May 6th election, but he remains a vocal supporter.


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