S.A. Dems, GOP Await SOTU

President Obama is set to address the nation Tuesday night in his final State of the Union.

Republican Congressman Lamar Smith expects the President to paint a rosy picture “and keep a straight face while he’s doing it.”

Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar has low expectations and thinks this won’t be a traditional SOTU.

“I think he’s going to talk about more what he’s done in the last seven years and what he sees in the future,” Cuellar told KTSA.

Cuellar doesn’t expect much in terms of specific programs or projects, but he hopes he hears about mental health reform, criminal justice reform, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Smith expects the President to defend his administration, but he thinks Americans are worried about the real world.

“The real situation that Americans face today is flat family incomes for the last six or seven years, economic growth that is half the normal, a very low labor participation rate,” Congressman Smith said.

Smith thinks, domestically and internationally, the last seven years have been a disaster. He said our foreign policy regarding terrorist sponsoring nations is worse than it was when this administration took office.

“I have to say the world is a more dangerous place and there are greater threats to American than before this President took office,” Smith said.



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