S.A. Gas Prices Among TX Lowest

The Statewide average price at the gas pump has nudged up a little bit over the last week–but San Antonio continues to boast some of the lowest prices in Texas.

“Currently in Texas, it costs about $27 to fill up that average 14-gallon sized fuel tank–and that’s about $6 less than what we were paying this time last year” said Doug Shupe with AAA Texas, who told KTSA News the San Antonio average remained flat over the last week.

Overall, the Statewide average did creep up to $1.90.

“That is three-cents more than last week–but still less than last year… 32-cents less than what we were paying one year ago” Shupe said.

If you are planning a road trip–the highest average prices right now can be found in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the lowest in Amarillo.

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