S.A. Gas Prices Climbing

It’s something we haven’t seen in the Alamo City in a while–increasing prices at the gas pump.

The average price per gallon in San Antonio has jumped by about two-cents over the last week.

“The likeliest, largest culprit right now is the rising price of crude oil” Gasbuddy dot-com’s Patrick DeHaan told KTSA News, adding “Between now and Labor Day, there may be some more pain at the pump before any relief.”

All in all though, DeHaan said this should be a short term trend.

“As the summer driving season fades, demand will soon likely begin declining. This is something that will likely impact gas prices after Labor Day” DeHaan said.

As to how how San Antonio’s average might climb–DeHaan said there’s a limit.

“I don’t think San Antonio’s average price will breach that $2 per gallon level” DeHaan said.

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