Would S.A. Really Impose a “Junk Food Tax?”

By Don Morgan

You deserve a break today…but it could soon cost you more.

A community health plan released by the city’s health collaborative and Metro health seeks to add a tax on junk food.

They claim it would cut back on the number of times people chose to eat unhealthy food.

We asked a member of City Council how she feels about the proposed tax. Ana Sandoval tells us that while she fully supports encouraging people to make healthier choices, adding a tax isn’t the way to go.

Sandoval recommends making healthier options more accessible and convenient to people. She feels a majority of people who frequent fast food drive thru windows are there because it’s the most affordable option for them.

“If they’re choosing fast food because it’s what they can afford then we shouldn’t be adding on to the cost of heir meals.”

Sandoval says City Council will get the opportunity to weigh in on the proposed tax in the near future.


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