SAFD: Body Inside of Car Trapped in Sinkhole

A grim task for San Antonio Firefighters–who now know there is a body inside of a car trapped upside down in a flooded sinkhole on the Southwest side.

“(The car is) 90% submerged in about 12-feet of high-flowing water… this is a combination of a swift-water rescue and a confined space operation at the same time” San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said Monday Morning, several hours after the car was discovered–after a second car landed on top of it.

The driver of that second car managed get out and is expected to be ok. Hood said SAWS will bring a large crane to the area near Quintana Road and Pitluk Avenue to help with removing the cars from the hole.

“It is a body recovery at this time unfortunately, that’s one of the reasons we’re going to be moving very slow and deliberate” Hood said.

As top how the hole opened up, SAWS President and CEO Robert Puente said it appears to be the result of a break in a nearby sewer line.

“This water… this sewer water is coming all the way from Fair Oaks–from Alamo Ranch–all of the West part of Bexar County. There is a constant swirl under there that’s eating away at the road” Punete said.

Adding to the challenge, the trains that are passing nearby, which are creating vibrations that have only helped to widen the hole in the hours since it opened up.



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