Salazar Marks 100 Days as Sheriff

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar is looking back on what he describes as a busy first one-hundred days on the job–and looking ahead to what the results of that work might be.

“We encountered a Sheriff’s Office that was working–it just wasn’t running to what we felt was the full potential”: Salazar told Bexar County Commissioners Tuesday.

The Sheriff said he’s been focused on finding ways to save the County money, while also looking at ways in which he can make his deputies better at what they do.

“We took our detention training from seven weeks to about ten weeks–which allowed us to produce a more prepared Detention Officer at the emergence of those ten weeks” Salazar said, adding “We’re also looking to reinvigorate and step up our body camera project. In my estimation… I’ll be honest… its moved slower than I had hoped to this point.”

The Sheriff also expressed pride in the newly established Public Integrity Unit, which focuses on accusations of wrong doing against law enforcement and public officials.

The early report card drew applause from Commissioners.

“The fact hat you’re willing to look at the criminal justice system in a more comprehensive manner… working with us on the mental health issues that we’ve got” Judge Nelson Wolff said in commending Salazar on the job he’s done so far.


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