San Antonio area school district announces it is against arming teachers

A San Antonio area school district is asking Congress to act on gun control measures.

San Antonio ISD approved and adopted a resolution Monday saying it is concerned with the safety and security of children with the number of acts of gun violence on school campuses and in communities.

“We continue to share in the nation’s collective grief following the Florida school shooting,” said board president Patti Radle. “Student safety is essential.  We believe now is the time for action.  Legislation is needed to protect our students.”

The resolution specifically states that is stands with Broward County Public Schools in demanding action from the federal government.  It also states that it is calling on Congress to “ban the manufacture, sale, purchase, possession, and use of assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition cartridges, except those needed by the military and law enforcement.”

Other actions desired by the school board: require and strengthen background checks; extend the perimeter of gun-free zones; allocate funds to improve school security; allocate funds to increase mental health and social worker staffing at schools; and allocate funding to help teach students and families on the danger of firearms.

The resolution explicitly states San Antonio ISD is against arming teachers.



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