Sanders Tops Poll of Most Popular Senators

The website recently did a survey asking voters to rank the U.S. Senators.

The end result? Voters in Vermont love theirs.

Topping the list is Bernie Sanders, followed by Patrick Leahy at number 2.

We asked Political Science Professor Brandon Rotting haus at the University of Houston about the survey. He says Sanders White House bid last year certainly helped his visibility with voters.

However, being a popular Senator doesn’t mean you’re powerful in Washington.

Rottinghaus says the Senator ranked as the least popular is actually carrying more clout than Sanders.

He tells us Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell may be at the bottom of the least but if you are in a partisan fight and you want to get something done, you go to Mitch McConnell.

As far as the Senators from Texas, both Ted Cruz and John Cornyn rank in the middle of the pack when it comes to popularity.


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