SAPD Chiefs Weighs in on Crime Numbers

Violent crime numbers are way up in San Antonio.

Chief William McManus gave the numbers to a city council committee Tuesday. Homicides are up 55.6% and aggravated assaults up 30.6%, comparing this year and last year between January and August of each year.

“The numbers are not good, obviously no,” Chief McManus said.

But he assures you that his department is doing everything to investigate and close each case.

“We’ve got all kinds of proactive initiatives that are in the works right now,” he said. “If you’re engaging in high-risk behavior, you’re more likely to become a victim than not.”

In total, violent crimes in the city (homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assaults) are up 26.8% year over year, same time period. Property crimes are up 4.3%.

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