SAPD Unveils New Crime Fighting Strategy

SAPD plans to take a new approach to fighting crime.

“We’re focusing on the intelligence-led policing model,” Sargeant Jesse Salame told KTSA News that means targeting specific people. “We want to target those individuals rather than just targeting areas of town where crime may be prevalent.”

“And we want to do this from an intelligence-led perspective so that we can get these guys before they commit these crimes and as they’re doing their dirty deed,” he said.

The plan is to target the powers behind all the violence, Salame said, but that will take agency collaboration.

“It’s about community policing,” Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran, Chair of the City’s Public Safety Committee, said. “We want community policing because we need to have them be a part of it, but we also want them to feel safe when they are reporting and giving tips.”



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